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Pleistocene Genomics Lab

We use palaeogenomics to study the evolution and ecology of Pleistocene animals that lived tens of thousands of years ago!

Latest News

New paper on museum linsang DNA!

We were part of an international team recovering DNA from museum samples of Asian linsangs. Check out the results in the paper, published in PLoS ONE! Paijmans JLA, Barlow A, Henneberger K, Fickel J, Hofreiter M, Foerster DWG (2020) Ancestral mitogenome capture of the Southeast Asian banded linsang. PLoS ONE. 15(6): e0234385. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0234385

New paper on DNA sequences from museum frog specimens!

We were part of an international team recovering mitochondrial sequences from South American frog museum specimens. This data helped resolve long-standing questions on the taxonomy of the group! Check out: Lyra ML, Lourenço ACC, Pinheiro PDP, Pezzuti TL, Baêta D, Barlow A, Hofreiter M, Pombal José PJR, Haddad CFB, Faivovich J (2020) High-throughput DNA sequencing …


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Research Themes


We collect genomic data from ancient subfossil bones to study the evolution and ecology of Pleistocene animals. Find out more

Laboratory methods

Our work also involves the development and optimisation of new laboratory methods for recovering palaeogenomic data. Find out more


We also develop new computational and statistical methods for the analysis of palaeogenomic data. Find out more

Museum samples

We are also interested in the genomic analysis of historical museum specimens as a way of sampling endangered and recently extinct animals. Find out more


We also generate datasets for phylogenetic analysis and molecular dating. Find out more

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