Nottingham Trent University is currently offering 50 fully funded PhD studentships, deadline Feb 14th, anticipated start date Oct 2020 or Jan 2021.

Masters-level students and graduates interested in the general topics of palaeogenomics and population genomics are invited to contact me and apply for a PhD in my group. Our current research investigates the population genomics of various extinct and living mammals, such as cave bears, mammoths, brown bears, big cats, etc. We are also developing new research themes in vertebrate conservation genomics. Applicants are expected to develop their own research projects within the general research themes of the group.

Example projects would include (but are not limited to):

Population genomics of Pleistocene mammals (for e.g. see Barlow et al. 2018. Nature Ecol & Evol, and Sheng et al. 2019. Current Biology)

Development of statistical methods and bioinformatics tools for palaeogenomic data analysis (for e.g. see Barlow et al. 2020. Genes)

Development of laboratory methods for palaeogenomics (for e.g. see Alberti et al. 2018. Mol Ecol Res)

Please note this is a competitive NTU-wide scheme, and any applicants would be in competition with other students and supervisors at NTU. Interested students should contact me before the end of January to give sufficient time
to discuss project ideas and preparation of the application.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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