New paper on defensive venom in cobras!

Axel was part of a team investigating pain-inducing defensive venom in cobras! Check out the paper, published in Science:

Kazandjian TD, Petras D, Robinson SD, Thiel J van, Greene HW, Arbuckle K, Barlow A, Carter DA, Wouters RM, Whiteley G, Wagstaff SC, Arias AS, Albulescu L-O, Laing AP, Hall C, Heap A, Penrhyn-Lowe S, McCabe CV, Ainsworth S, Silva RR da, Dorrestein PC, Richardson MK, Gutiérrez JM, Calvete JJ, Harrison RA, Vetter I, Undheim E a. B, Wüster W, Casewell NR (2021) Convergent evolution of pain-inducing defensive venom components in spitting cobras. Science 371:386–390 .

Associated article in The Conversation:
Spitting cobras may have evolved unique venom to defend from ancient humans”.

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