New paper: defining dwarfing rate of an extinct dwarf elephant!

We used ancient DNA from an extinct Sicilian to define its dwarfing rates. Mediterranean dwarf elephants are small-bodied descendants from one of the largest land mammals ever lived! Using ancient DNA, palaeontological and geochronological evidence to define the maximum and minimum dwarfing rate of a Sicilian dwarf elephant from Puntali cave. Published in Current Biology:

Baleka, S., Herridge, V.L., Catalano, G, Lister, A.M., Dickinson, M.R., Di Patti, C., Barlow, A., Penkman, K.E.H., Hofreiter, M., and Paijmans, J.L.A. (2021). Defining the Island Dwarfing Rate of an Extinct Sicilian Elephant Using Ancient DNA. Current Biology.

Picture credit: Archives of the Gemmellaro Geological Museum

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