New paper on museum linsang DNA!

We were part of an international team recovering DNA from museum samples of Asian linsangs. Check out the results in the paper, published in PLoS ONE! Paijmans JLA, Barlow A, Henneberger K, Fickel J, Hofreiter M, Foerster DWG (2020) Ancestral mitogenome capture of the Southeast Asian banded linsang. PLoS ONE. 15(6): e0234385.

New paper on DNA sequences from museum frog specimens!

We were part of an international team recovering mitochondrial sequences from South American frog museum specimens. This data helped resolve long-standing questions on the taxonomy of the group! Check out: Lyra ML, Lourenço ACC, Pinheiro PDP, Pezzuti TL, Baêta D, Barlow A, Hofreiter M, Pombal José PJR, Haddad CFB, Faivovich J (2020) High-throughput DNA sequencing …

New paper on cave bear diet out!!!

We were on the team finally solving the puzzle of the unusual isotopic signals in Romanian cave bears: they were herbivorous after all! New paper published in Scientific Reports: Naito YI, Meleg IN, Robu M, Vlaicu M, Drucker DG, Wißing C, Hofreiter M, Barlow A, Bocherens H (2020) Heavy reliance on plants for Romanian cave …

New paper on cave hyena palaeogenomes, published in Science Advances!

We were part of the team presenting the first palaeogenomes from extinct Pleistocene cave hyenas, and uncovering their relationship to modern hyenas. Check ou tthe new paper in the current issue of Science Advances! And a write up on physorg:

New paper on extinct giant beaver DNA!

We were part of an International Team working on the phylogenetics of the extinct giant beaver, including Prof. Hofreiter’s team at Uni Potsdam and researchers at the Joseph Moore Museum, Earlham College. Check out our results, published in the latest issue of Current Biology! Also write up and excellent video from Earlham College!


Nottingham Trent University is currently offering 50 fully funded PhD studentships, deadline Feb 14th, anticipated start date Oct 2020 or Jan 2021. Masters-level students and graduates interested in the general topics of palaeogenomics and population genomics are invited to contact me and apply for a PhD in my group. Our current research investigates the population …